Enrolment Process at FCC

Whether considering enrolment at primary school or high school, at the beginning of a year or mid-term, we aim to make your introduction to Fremantle Christian College as simple and rewarding as possible. In order to do this, we have the following process in place:

There are three steps in the enrolment process. Parents applying for their child(ren) to be enrolled at Fremantle Christian College are required to complete the steps as outlined.    



Enrolment Interview and offer

Confirmation of acceptance



When the College receives an expression of interest, the applicant is contacted and invited to submit a Registration Form together with a non-refundable Registration Fee of $100.

The Registration Fee is per family, whether all siblings are enrolled at the same time or enrolled during subsequent years.

Applicant registrations are received, recorded and prioritised for an enrolment interview according to the date that the Registration Form was received by the College.


Enrolment Interview and Offer

Registered applicants are invited, when a place is available, to attend an enrolment interview according to the date their Registration Form and Fee were received.

If the invitation to interview is declined the applicant is moved to the bottom of the Registration List unless they no longer wish to remain registered, in which case they are removed from the list.

During the interview parents will be made aware of how the College operates. Particular care will be taken to ensure that parents understand what is meant by a Christian Education and what the expectations for students, parents and staff are. It is expected that children will attend the enrolment interview.

Following a successful interview the student is offered a place. The applicant will receive an offer in writing from the College and be given a limited time to accept the offer by submitting an Enrolment Form together with the Confirmation Fee.

If the offer is not accepted, the applicant is removed from the Registration List, or moved to the bottom of the list if they remain interested in enrolment at a future date.


Waitlist Management

When spaces are not available, registered applicants will be informed that they are being waitlisted and where about they sit on the waitlist.

When a space becomes available, waitlisted applicants are invited to interview, one at a time, in the order of registration.


Confirmation of Acceptance

A written offer of enrolment is confirmed when the applicant submits an Enrolment Form together with a Confirmation Fee of $400.

The Confirmation Fee is paid per family at the time of enrolment, when one or more children are enrolled at the same time. Where children from the same family are enrolled one by one at separate times, the Confirmation Fee is required for each child when they enrol.

If the applicant fails to respond to the written offer to enrol within the specified time frame, the College will assume that the place is no longer needed. A phone call to the applicant will be made to confirm this.

The Confirmation Fee is non-refundable if an applicant withdraws from enrolment prior to commencing at the College.

The Confirmation Fee is deducted from the first fees invoice. The deduction of the Confirmation Fee from the invoice will be clearly itemised.


The College reserves the right to allocate places at its discretion in special circumstances.