A non-refundable $100 Registration Fee per family is payable for registering your children with Fremantle Christian College. Upon acceptance of a place, a non-refundable Confirmation Fee of $400 is payable (this is deducted from your first fees invoice).

Fees are made up of the following:

    • Amenities fee per student
    • Building levy per family
    • Tuition fees per student

Fees are to be paid by direct debit from your nominated bank account according to the billing procedure as follows:

All fees are billed at the beginning of the school year. For students enroling part way through the year, a pro rata tuition fee and amenities fee are charged, together with the building levy, at the time of enrolment.


There are five options for paying fees each year:

Annual Bi-Annual Quarterly Monthly  Fortnightly 
1 payment  2 payments 4 payments 10 payments  20 payments 


The payment dates for each instalment in the direct debit options are as follows:

Payment Option  Payment Dates 
Annual  Second Friday in February 
Bi-Annual Second Friday in February and Fourth Friday in July

Second Friday in        Second Friday in        Fourth Friday in        Fourth Friday in

February                     May                             July                            October

Monthly Second Friday in each month (February - November)
Fortnightly 20 instalments, first one being the second Friday in February 

If the payment date is a public holiday it will be processed on the next banking day.

A 5% discount on tuition fees is offered for full payment of fees by 15 February, or next business day.

For more details, please see our billing procedure or ask at the administration office.


The table below shows the tuition fee structure for students in the secondary College.  Tuition fees are subject to change by the College Council as and when deemed necessary.

 Year 7Year 8Year 9
2016 $3,700 -
2017 $4,200 $4,890 -  
2018 $3,100 $3,100 $3,100  

Sibling discounts are offered as follows:

Second child: 20% concession on tuition fees
Third and subsequent children: 40% concession on tuition fees

Amenities Fee

The amenities fee for 2017 is $225 (2018 - $230).  It contributes towards the followings:

  • College excursions and incursions.
  • Swimming lessons and/or other sporting and educational events
  • Bus costs required for transport to interschool carnivals, swimming lessons and other College events.
  • Art and craft costs and other specialised equipment as required for different learning areas.

Building Levy

The building levy for 2017 is $125 (2018 - $130) and is charged to each family per year. Money raised through this levy will only be used to support building programs and capital works programs for the benefit of students to improve facilities of the College.

Secondary Assistance Scheme

The State Education Department offers a Secondary Assistance Scheme to holders of Centrelink Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card and Veteran Affairs Pensioner Concession Card.  Application forms are available from the Administration Office.  Closing date for application is end of Term 1.

Fee Relief – Fee Rebate

In extenuating circumstances, families on low incomes may apply to the College for short–term fee relief. An application form is available from the College office.

Withdrawal of Students

One term’s written notice must be given to the Principal before withdrawing a child from Fremantle Christian College unless there are extenuating circumstances.

Note: School fees are reviewed and adjusted annually by the College Council.