Primary School

Celebration Assemblies are held about four times each term on Tuesday mornings. The whole primary school attends to recognise and celebrate student achievements. Students are recognised and affirmed through the issuing of Merit Certificates, for excelling in academic, sporting and social contexts. Parents and caregivers of Certificate recipients are personally invited to attend usually via a phone call prior to the day of the assembly.

These assemblies are coordinated and run by the student leaders, who arrange the set up, itinerary and pack down of the assembly. Celebration Assemblies are an opportunity to honour God together as a whole school.

Once or twice a term we hold a Parent Assembly where a particular class hosts an assembly. The hosting class is responsible to prepare a presentation that has a message for the whole College, including parents and caregivers of the host class.

At these assemblies we award Rainbow Certificates in recognition of students who have been demonstrating a range of positive character traits.

Following the assembly the parents and caregivers are treated to a morning tea, usually prepared by the Parent Rep team, and the children join them for a short time before returning to their classroom.