Primary School

As a growing school, Fremantle Christian College has developed some robust curricula that enable us to accommodate combined classes. The Teachers develop programs that enable delivery of the curriculum across a wide range of student developmental stages and competencies so that students in different year groups but the same classroom enjoy a full, challenging learning experience.

In 2017 the College will be offering the following class structure in the Primary school:

  • Kindergarten Class (Teacher: Cydchere Dos Santos)
  • Pre-primary / Year One Class (Teacher: Dale Milliken)
  • Year One / Year Two Class (Teacher: Suzanne Jong)
  • Year Three / Year Four Class (Teacher: Susana Leal)
  • Year Four / Year Five Class (Teacher: Aidan Fialho)
  • Year Five / Year Six Class (Teacher: Gracia Soh)

The structure of the school day is as follows:
0845: Start of day
0845 – 1045: First classroom session
1045 – 1110: Recess break
1110 – 1225: Second classroom session
1225 – 1310: Lunch break
1310 – 1515: Third classroom session
1515: End of day
1530 – 1630: Clubs – extra-curricular activities offered on Wednesdays and Thursdays.

The activities engaged in during the classroom sessions varies from class to class and from day to day, but the bell times are consistent throughout the year.