Primary School

Fremantle Christian College has a firm commitment to pastoral care and fostering healthy relationships within the College community. We have a very active parent representative team, a College chaplain, a supportive school psychologist and most importantly a strong teacher body that is committed to ensuring that students receive the greatest care.

Our families are encouraged to participate in College life through volunteering and helping in many ways, some of which are:

  • Assisting in the classroom
  • Attending busy bees
  • Joining the College prayer groups
  • Helping in the library
  • Helping on excursions or at other College events

We recognise that parents’ involvement in their children’s education is an important ingredient in the success of their education as well as contributing to healthy family and community life.

Our Parent Representatives coordinate many practical aspects of College life, including:

  • volunteer rosters at events
  • fundraising activities
  • meals and care for families experiencing difficulties
  • arranging social events aimed at developing strong community relationships

Their efforts are well coordinated through a committee that meets regularly, ensuring good communication between College parents and College staff.

Our highly qualified team of dedicated Christian teachers encourage a culture of care and mutual respect between students and work deliberately to create a well disciplined working environment in the classroom.

Teachers have direct access to a school Psychologist who provides professional training and assistance to staff, guidance for students and their families and strategies to help improve management of student behaviour where needed.

Our Chaplain is on site one day a week and is responsible to:

  • coordinate school chapels and assemblies
  • interact with staff members and facilitate various activities designed to promote student welfare
  • engage with students in conversation and play so as to build positive relationships
  • provide counsel where necessary
  • help with implementing behaviour improvement and management strategies for students who need it.

It is critical that there is good communication between the teaching staff and parents of the College in order to facilitate the best education for all students. To this end, there is regular contact between teachers and parents through informal and formal meetings and feedback events such as our 3-Way Conferences and Learning Journey Evenings.