Primary School

School Education Philosophy

The engaging and innovative curriculum at Fremantle Christian College consists of nine specific learning areas. Eight of these learning areas are mandated by the West Australian Education Department, lining up with the national Australian Curriculum. The ninth learning area complies with the Bible, aimed at developing a sound, reliable Christian worldview for our students.

The nine learning areas are:

  • Biblical and Christian Living
  • English
  • Mathematics
  • Health and Physical Education
  • The Arts
  • Science
  • Languages other than English (L.O.T.E.)
  • Society and Environment
  • Technology and Enterprise

Please Note:

Fremantle Christian College is committed to the implementation of the Australian Curriculum. The College will progressively implement the new Curriculum as it becomes available, to enable staff and students a smooth transition.

During this transition period, Fremantle Christian College will continue to utilise the learning areas of the Curriculum Framework as mandated by the West Australian Education Department.

Flexible level learning

At Fremantle Christian College we are committed to seeing all our students reach their top potential in their education, becoming the best that they can be. We understand the importance of children succeeding in the areas of Literacy and Numeracy and the impact this has on the whole of their learning. To this end we employ an effective educational approach called “Flexible Level Learning”.

Each child is taught at their appropriate level, which involves extending the child who is excelling and giving extra help to the child who needs it. This is achieved by the whole school running a one hour language block followed by a one hour numeracy block, with literacy being a focus throughout other lessons during the day.

Children are able to move up to the next level or down a level in literacy and/or numeracy to cater for their individual needs. For example, a Year 5 student may be working at Year 6 level for numeracy or literacy and be moved up for the lesson as appropriate, or they may need some extra tuition and have the opportunity to work at the Year 4 class level for a period to fill any learning gaps. Students working at other levels for these purposes then re–join their peers for other lessons.

Bible and Christian Living

Each school day begins with class devotions that connect with God through prayer, worship and Bible teaching. We see this as foundational to the quality of the students’ experience at the College. The spiritual growth of each student is nurtured, through teaching them about God and what a relationship with Him looks like.

In addition to class devotions, we run Bible and Christian Living lessons. These lessons are biblically based and aimed at engaging the heart of a child. We aim to provide the best possible opportunities to learn about the Christian faith and how it is lived out in the context of everyday life. A unique facet of the Bible education curriculum is teaching on the significant events in Jesus’ life (His birth, death, resurrection, outpouring of the Holy Spirit and His return) through the Biblical calendar.

Literacy and Numeracy

Fremantle Christian College focuses on building a firm foundation for literacy and numeracy in the early primary years. We provide a natural progression from what has been learnt during Kindergarten and Pre-primary years, with students gain accuracy in reading, spelling and writing by learning both grammar and punctuation. With a strong emphasis on comprehension skills as well as grammar and punctuation, we point the way forward from literal, to deductive and evaluative thinking.

Competency in Mathematics is gained through our whole-school approach of hands–on, problem-solving strategies. This is supported through the implementation of a top quality maths program across the primary school.

School Music Program

Fremantlce Christian College conducts classroom music lessons that encompass the introduction of music theory, music appreciation and percussion instruments. In addition, our Choir practices weekly and has opportunities to perform to the school community and various other communities during the year.

Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

The teaching of LOTE is a learning area required under the curriculum framework and is dependent on the availability of a suitable teacher for the language that is taught at the school. FCC currently offers Indonesian as part of its curriculum.

School Sport

Each class engages in a daily fitness session with weekly lessons in sport and physical education. Swimming Lessons are held over a two-week period at one of the top, local leisure centres. All students are involved in the annual athletics and swimming carnivals. There is also the opportunity for students to participate in interschool athletics and other sports carnivals. These Interschool carnivals see FCC students competing against athletes from other primary schools in Fremantle and surrounding metropolitan areas.

School Assessment and Portfolios

Each semester, written reports and portfolios are sent home to parents, giving detailed information on how their child is progressing. Conferences between parents, teachers and students are held towards the end of Term One. Early in Term Four we conduct a Learning Journey evening, where you can come in and spend some time in your children's learning environment, view samples of their work and enjoy a fun, informative evening with them and others in the College community.

In addition to these structured meetings during the year, staff always welcome discussions with parents that keep us focused on how to best meet the needs of every child.