Primary School

Student Leadership Program

Active Citizenship is promoted across the grades and students in Year 5 and 6 have a peer mentor role for younger students.

In addition, a Student Leadership program is offered in recognition of those students who have been identified as having leadership qualities and potential. Students from the Year 6 class are eligible for selection in the Student Leadership Group. Participation in this leadership group is by invitation and participating students will attend a Student Leadership Conference held early in the school year. Regular leadership meetings will be held to develop leadership skills and provide guidance as to the practical ways the Student Leadership Group can impact the College on behalf of the entire student body. In addition, the Student Leaders are required to organise and run certain College activities, such as the Celebration Assemblies.

Instrumental Music Program

Instrumental music tuition is offered through independent providers who offer a wide range of musical instrument tuition. These lessons are held during school hours and are arranged between the classroom Teacher, the parent or caregiver and the Tutor as to when the student may be released from the classroom for music tutoring.

Students from Year 1 to Year 7 are eligible and arrangements can be made through the College administration office to facilitate the tutoring.


Our College choir has been growing over the last two years since starting up in 2013. Students commit themselves to practice once a week during a lunch break and slightly more frequently just before an event.

The choir performs at Choir Assemblies on Thursday mornings, once or twice a year. They also perform for community groups, such as the Carrington Age Care facility in 2016.

They also performed recently at a school arts festival run through the local community hall. This gives the students the opportunity to encourage local community groups as well as to gain experience in giving public performances.


Clubs are run by members of the College teaching staff during the school term, on Wednesday and Thursday afternoons. The numbers are limited, depending on the activity but they have become a popular part of the extra-curricular activities offered by the College.

The activities on offer vary widely including team sports, individual sporting skills, cooking, knitting, quilling and drama. Many of the clubs climax with participation in an inter school event participation or a presentation to the College community (drama) providing additional motivation for students to be involved.

End of Year Concert

At the end of the year we hold a presentation evening, including a school concert. This varies from year to year, but generally involves drama, singing and musical instruments. All students are involved and key parts or roles are auditioned for during the third term so that rehearsals can be run through the Music lessons in fourth term.