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About FCC Chaplaincy

Our School is a participant in the National Student Wellbeing Program (NSWP). This program, funded by the Australian government, supports the wellbeing of students and school communities through pastoral care services and student support strategies.

Our Chaplains work in collaboration with school communities to support the wellbeing of school students through:

  • providing pastoral care, including social emotional support during times of duress
    including grief and loss
  • building positive and productive relationships with students, families and staff
  • organising volunteer activities within the school community
  • running programs such as breakfast clubs and lunchtime activities
  • coordinating excursions, school incursions and parent/carer workshops.


They are a valued member of the school’s pastoral care team.

Meet Our Chaplains

With the NSWP funding we have received, FCC employs 2 Chaplains on a part-time basis:

Shauna Wieske

Primary School Chaplain, 0.2FTE  (8 hours/week)

Days of Work: – Tuesdays and Thursdays

Qualifications: Diploma of Christian Ministry and Theology, Undergraduate Certificate of Youth Practice and a BA Counselling

 Shauna has recently graduated from Tabor College, receiving an award for Professional Excellence. At a practicum at Southern Hills Christian College and as a New Life Church Youth Worker, she has loved being able to assist students to navigate mental health challenges and build resilience. Shauna is passionate about building relationships with students and helping young people navigate their emotions and relational struggles while teaching emotional resilience and coping strategies to benefit them for the rest of their lives. And is looking forward to playing her part in strengthening the mental health and wellbeing of our younger students at FCC.

Elisa Wintermann

Secondary School Chaplain, 0.25FTE (10hrs/week)

Days of Work: Monday afternoon and Wednesday all day

Qualifications: BA Counselling

Elisa has worked with young people for many years in both ministry and professional capacities and has been a Secondary Chaplain at FCC since 2016. Upon graduating from Notre Dame University in 2011, Elisa worked with Anglicare WA as a Supervisor and Case Worker. She has experience and training in trauma, grief and loss, & adolescent developmental challenges. Elisa is passionate about supporting young people with the challenges of transitioning out of childhood into adolescence, and later, into early adulthood. This especially includes development of a healthy sense of self and identity.

Code of Conduct

As FCC Staff Members, our Chaplains adhere to the College’s Staff Code of Conduct, which necessitates that staff must:

  • conduct themselves, both personally and professionally in a manner that upholds the ethos and reputation of the College;
  • comply with the College’s policies and procedures;
  • act ethically and responsibly at all times in accordance with the ethos of the College;
  • be accountable for their actions and decisions


Additionally, as per the NSWP requirements, our Chaplains must:

  • not proselytise
  • respect, accept and be sensitive to other people’s views, values and beliefs
  • comply with State laws and policies in relation to child protection matters
  • meet the minimum qualification requirements
  • undertake the cyberbullying Professional Learning Package delivered by the eSafety Commission.

Referrals & Consent

Participation in the NSWP is voluntary. At all times, parents and students can choose if they wish to participate in the program. The nature of the chaplaincy service provided at FCC is non-denominational.

Referrals to either the Primary or Secondary Chaplain can be made in three ways:

  1. Staff Referral – On occasions, staff may feel that it would be helpful to refer children to the Chaplain, if they have noticed areas of difficulty at school. In this case, parents would be contacted and the possibility of the student meeting with the Chaplain will be discussed.
  2. Parent Referral – Parents may also request that their child see the Chaplain. Enquiries regarding how to access this service can be made by contacting the school office on 9430 6635 or email the relevant Deputy.
  3. Student Referral – Students can also place a referral with the Chaplain. However, parental permission is always required before proceeding with a referral.


In all cases, written parental consent is required for regular meetings to take place. To complete an online Chaplaincy consent form, for your child(ren) to access Chaplaincy Support, please click on the following links:


Our Chaplains are required to abide by our FCC Code of Conduct. If at anytime, a parent should have a complaint or concern about the conduct of any of our Chaplains, they are to refer to the FCC Complaints Policy. A register of all complaints is kept in accordance with the NSWP requirements.

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