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Juliet Hollett
Julie Hollett

Julie brings more than 30 years of leadership experience to her role as Council Chair. She is co-founder and Pastor of New Life Church and presently serves on five Boards, including three School Boards. Julie enjoys establishing and growing new ministries, teaching, and providing opportunities for people to grow in their giftings and skills. She has two adult sons and has been married to Wayne for almost 40 years.

Suzy Forrest
Suzy Forrest

Suzy has a long history of working in schools and loves the field of education. She progressed from School Officer to Business Manager positions. She has worked as the District Finance and Administration Officer for the Peel District Education Office and more recently as a Senior Finance Consultant (Schools).

Daniel Hollett
Daniel Hollett

Daniel’s background and experience is in Finance. Daniel has a decade of experience in business and finance. He has completed a Bachelor of Commerce (Accounting and Entrepreneurship) and a Diploma of Financial Planning. He presently works as a specialist Recruitment Consultant for banks and private wealth firms.

Mike Smith

Mike has an extensive background in education, business management and pioneering. Mike brings more than 40 years of educational experience to his role on the Council, including teaching, Principal and School Board roles. He has pioneered and helped to grow multiple thriving Colleges of which he is currently the Executive Chairman.

Andrew Pelling
Andrew Pelling

Andrew is an Engineering Designer and 3D Computer Systems Specialist. With over 30 years of experience in mining and chemical plant engineering design and drafting in Africa, Saudi Arabia and Australia, Andrew brings a variety of life experiences to the College Council.

Randy Kraus

Randy is a retired civil engineer who is using his years of experience to lead FCC’s significant campus development. Randy is married to Glenys and has six children, several grandchildren and a great grandchild. He is passionate about the role that Christian education plays in positively shaping the lives of children and teenagers.

Judith Fleming
Judith is a high school teacher who has been teaching in Christian schools for over 25 years. Judith has experience in teaching and leadership in the areas of Science, Christian Education, Mathematics and Psychology. She has been involved in the establishment of two new schools. Judith is passionate about educating, empowering and inspiring the next generation.

Letter from the College Council

Dear Parents and Caregivers,

The Fremantle Christian College Council would like to welcome you and your children to the College and affirm that you have made a great choice for your child’s education as well as their social and spiritual development. The Council understands that you want your child to be happy, safe, well educated and to learn values that go well beyond the classroom.

The Council is excited to offer you a College culture where children are loved, nurtured, affirmed, encouraged and inspired and where success is celebrated. The teachers are professional, enthusiastic, nurturing and friendly and the College is a place where parents are informed and encouraged to partner with staff.

The College motto is ‘Faith, Character, Courage’ and the vision for every student is ‘Excellent education as preparation for life.’ At Fremantle Christian College (FCC) we are privileged to be able to influence the lives of future generations of Australians, who will go on to influence society and make a significant contribution to this nation and beyond.

As the College partners with you, we encourage you to become involved in the College community. There are many wonderful people at FCC and an inclusive spirit of community is fostered. There are ways that you can be involved and these will be explained through newsletters and notes home. We encourage you to contact the College at any time, with any contributions, suggestions or concerns you may have.

Fremantle Christian College is a government registered, independent primary and secondary college and is a ministry of New Life Church based in Fremantle. You are invited to visit New Life’s Sunday Celebration any weekend or bring your children to the after-school programs that New Life offers. The church’s door is always open and you can find out more about New Life Church here

Thank you for entrusting your child to the competent staff at Fremantle Christian College. We are confident that you will be blessed and impressed.

Committed to serving Christ and the College,

The College Council, Fremantle Christian College

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Our Mission


A confident expectation that God exists and is trustworthy. The evidence of faith in God is peace of mind, inner strength and persevering hope for the future.


The distinctive moral attributes of a person that determine their choices regardless of the circumstances. Christian character is the consistent manifestation of the character of Jesus Christ when no one is watching.


Courage is the commitment to do what is right and continue in that commitment in the face of opposition.

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