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At the end of Term 3, our College thanked and acknowledged all the work Dr. Graeme Baxter had done, serving as Principal, over the past three years at Fremantle Christian College. The College Chair and Head boy and girl had a few words to share.

From the College Chair, Julie Hollett:

“The challenges that Dr. Baxter has faced during his time as Principal have been some of the most demanding faced by the College. Dr. Baxter, together with his deputies, led FCC through the Covid pandemic, a time when the usual demands placed on a Principal increased significantly. He continued to manage the establishment of new buildings, accommodated the ever-increasing growth, hired new teachers and staff, appointed College leaders, and conducted many student enrolment meetings as required by a growing school.

On behalf of the Church Board and the College Council, I thank you for the many ways you have poured yourself out for God during your time as Principal. I thank you for faithfully serving the mission of the College to the best of your ability. Only the Lord knows all that you have given and He himself will reward you. I also want to acknowledge and express sincere appreciation to your wife Ann and your three children Evi, Paul, and Sean who have also made sacrifices to support you during your time as Principal. 

As you transition to your former role as Deputy Principal and pass the baton to the person who will lead FCC into its next season, we are confident that you will continue to cultivate a life of faith, character, and courage by keeping your eyes on Jesus and running the race with endurance for the joy of eternal reward.”

From the Head boy and girl, Noah Jan & Shanice Johnson:

“Thank you, Dr. Baxter for serving us well in humility, for not lording your power and position over us in a demeaning way but rather putting others before yourself and treating each student with the kindness and respect they deserve. 

You have led us through “unprecedented” times of COVID-19 when government policies and rules were changing left, right and centre, being quick to notify parents of changes and managing the overall stress and confusion of the time.

Under your leadership, Fremantle Christian College has seen improvements in every aspect. We’ve seen multiple new buildings, improvements to facilities and many memorable events.

My most memorable time with Dr. Baxter was back in Year 8, when we had all those great maths lessons, and all those amazing geology classes.

At Breakfast Club, when everyone had finished and gone, I saw Dr. Baxter’s youngest son packing up some UNO cards that were left on one of the tables by himself. This small act of consideration and kindness just goes to show what brilliant example he follows in his father, who has taught him serve with integrity not just when everyone is watching, but when no one is around. 

Through these simple actions and character of his children, it’s clear that Dr. Baxter is not just a leader at school but a man of God who leads his family well at home and is championing the next generation of world-changers for the Lord. 

Thank you, Dr. Baxter, for all that you have done for us here at FCC, your hard work does not go unnoticed.”

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