Pastoral Care


Fremantle Christian College is well known in the community as a school that offers outstanding Pastoral Care. We put an onus on knowing and caring for every student that comes through our doors. We want every student in our college to become who god has created them to be while also empowering them to achieve their academic potential. We have strong and vibrant pastoral programs, systems and processes that run through the Secondary College. This includes structured pastoral care groups at the beginning and end of each day, external programs and guest speakers, camps, socials, leadership programs, community service days, fundraisers, after-school clubs and a firm, yet fair, student management policy and behaviour management strategies. These programs and systems are supported by all staff but are driven and facilitated in particular by the pastoral care team, which includes the chaplains.


Fremantle Christian College offers three different camps as part of its comprehensive pastoral care program. These camps provide students with valuable opportunities for personal growth, team building, and self-reflection.

The Year 7 camp, held in Busselton during the middle of term 1, focuses on setting a positive culture while fostering bonds and friendships. Students engage in a range of exciting and challenging activities, including an amazing race around Busselton town, archery, a high ropes course, yallingup maze, and mini-golf. This camp aims to create a fun and unique environment where students can develop lasting connections and build a strong foundation for their educational journey.

At the beginning of term 2, the Year 9 camp takes place at forest edge. Its primary objective is to encourage students to step out of their comfort zones and embrace new experiences. Through activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, a flying fox, bush walks, and team-building games, students are challenged to overcome obstacles and develop resilience. This camp plays a crucial role in fostering personal growth and building confidence in students.

Lastly, the year 11 camp, held in Albany at the end of term 1, focuses on preparing students for life after school. It prompts students to reflect on the legacy they want to leave and encourages them to think about their future. During this camp, students visit significant locations such as the Anzac Centre, Elephant Rock, Denmark, Valley of the Giants, and bald head trail. By exposing students to these meaningful experiences, the year 11 camp helps them gain a broader perspective and develop a sense of purpose.

Overall, these camps are an integral part of Fremantle Christian College’s Pastoral Care Program. They provide students with opportunities to develop important life skills, build strong relationships, and gain a deeper understanding of themselves and the world around them.

Year 7 Transition

We understand that the transition into Year 7 can be a daunting and nerve-racking experience for many students. We intentionally provide important programs and events prior to and throughout our year 7’s educational journey to make them feel safe and supported. Before a student starts year 7, parents are encouraged to attend parent information and transition evening sessions, the orientation morning for students, pre-start meetings for students with educational needs and online connection meetings with our it team.

On their first day, Year 7 students are met by their mentors and their pastoral care group teachers to help them settle in. Our Year 7 class structure adopts a middle school approach where students are situated in one main class and have only a handful of teachers for the year as they transition into secondary life. We also hold a year 7 camp in Busselton in the middle of Term 1 for students to bond and build friendships in fun, unique and challenging environments. We also have youth workers from New Life Church who come in to support Year 7s, New Life Youth also runs a fantastic program on Friday nights that we encourage all year 7s to attend.

Student Leadership

Fremantle Christian College offers a strong and tailored student leadership program for students in Years 7 to 12. There are 2 student councillor positions available per year for Years 7 to 11 and four Year 12 student executive positions of College Captains and Vice College Captains. Student leaders are representatives of the college and have a responsibility to serve others and to model christlike thoughts, attitudes and behaviour. The Pastoral Care Team meet regularly with student leaders to identify issues and strategies to improve each year level through impactful student agency. Student leaders also have the opportunity to plan and carry out fundraisers, social events, community service days and other engaging activities.

Extended Pastoral Care

Our extended pastoral care groups offer students a unique opportunity to engage with a diverse range of speakers and organisations, covering topics such as Christian Faith, mental health, well-being, social issues and more. These sessions provide valuable insights and knowledge to our students, fostering a deeper understanding of these important matters.
Additionally, extended pcg serves as a platform for building strong community bonds and relationships among students, year groups, and the wider secondary college. By enhancing relations and connections, we aim to create a supportive and inclusive environment for all.

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Our Mission


A confident expectation that God exists and is trustworthy. The evidence of faith in God is peace of mind, inner strength and persevering hope for the future.


The distinctive moral attributes of a person that determine their choices regardless of the circumstances. Christian character is the consistent manifestation of the character of Jesus Christ when no one is watching.


Courage is the commitment to do what is right and continue in that commitment in the face of opposition.

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