Secondary education is an exciting step for students. Students experience personal growth as they develop intellectually and are exposed to areas of academic, sporting and personal achievement. Students will begin to make decisions and choices regarding their own education and the direction they wish to undertake in the future.


Junior and Senior Curriculum Years

Fremantle Christian College aims to equip students for their future life, study and work. With that in mind, the College curriculum is innovative, challenging and comprehensive. The Secondary School Curriculum is seperated into two parts: Junior and Senior Years.

The Junior years (7-10) are taught age relevant content from The Western Australian K – 10 Syllabus.

The Senior year’s (11 & 12) range of curriculum allows each student to obtain the Western Australian Certificate of Education (WACE). We offer a range of list A and B subjects for the Australian Tertiary Admission Rank (ATAR) as well as General subjects, to allow students to gain an ATAR and/or a WACE accreditation. The curriculum allows for the development of each student’s academic, social, emotional and spiritual intelligence. Integral to this process is the development of resilience and personal responsibility in a Christ-centred environment. Students are also taught personal organisation and time management skills.

Subjects Studied in Years 7 - 10

Christian Education aims to provide every student with an overview of Christianity and its contribution to the development of western civilisation. Students will gain an understanding of God, the person of Jesus Christ, the Bible, faith and salvation. Students will also learn about the uniqueness of Christianity among other world religions. A variety of teaching and learning strategies are employed to make the subject both relevant and enjoyable for each student.

Throughout the course students are encouraged to ask questions of their teachers as well as do their own research. Students are asked to participate fully in the class and to be respectful of the opinions and decisions of others.

The College offers a wide range of creative subjects. In Year 7 and 8, students cycle through elective subjects such as music, drama and visual/graphic art. In Years 9 and 10, students can elect to study the following subjects;



Visual Art

Media Studies

At Fremantle Christian College the students have access to a modern Food Technology room and a well-equipped wood working facility.

Students undertaking courses in Design and Technology can choose to study Textiles, Food Technology or Material Technology -Timber.

They learn to be creative and innovative in the development and communication of solutions. Students learn to identify, analyse and respond to needs through research and experimentation leading to the development of quality projects. Students critically evaluate their own work and the work of others.

Individual design projects provide students with opportunities to develop their project management skills.

The English curriculum is varied and designed to cater for a diversity of literacy skills and abilities in the student body. Students undergo literacy and comprehension testing at the commencement of each year. This testing helps staff to identify and address problems and design beneficial programs throughout the year.

Students will cover a broad range of texts throughout their study at the College. They will study traditional text forms such as novels, short stories and poetry as well as films, documentaries and still images.

In Years 7 to 10, students concentrate on reading and the development of language skills as well as writing and oral communication

Humanities and Social Studies (HASS) covers a broad range of topics to help develop students’ understanding of the world around them and the society in which they live. There is a strong emphasis on both skills and content. The skills that students learn from the study of HASS pertains to literacy, numeracy, research skills, critical thinking and enquiry. Each year level from Years 7 -10 covers History and Geography. There are also units on Government, Law and Economics.

A wide range of skills and activities are taught to the students of Fremantle Christian College. All of these subjects have a ‘hands on’ approach and are designed to introduce students to the diversity of ways in which we can practically support the community around us. These skills include coding and robotics.

Fremantle Christian College is pleased to offer Mandarin Chinese as its language other than English in the Primary and Secondary School. Students may choose to complete a Cert. II in Applied Linguistics over year 9 and 10.

Currently over 1 billion people around the world speak Mandarin, which is approximately one fifth of the global population. It is the most widely spoken first language in the world. China’s rapidly growing economy and its status as Australia’s dominant trading partner are compelling reasons for this decision.

Learning Mandarin will prepare FCC students to live, work and converse in a multi-cultural society.

In Years 7 to 10, Mathematics is a compulsory subject. Every effort is made to assist students with their numeracy and to help them succeed in this core subject. Students who struggle with the concepts of Mathematics are given support within the classroom setting and have the opportunity to seek assistance from a tutor during lunchtime.

At Fremantle Christian College we endeavour to offer our secondary students a variety of sporting and physical activity opportunities that will encourage all students to reach their potential. There is a balanced focus on maximum participation and achieving sporting excellence.

Health education classes are compulsory for students in Year 7 to 10. Topics covered include healthy lifestyles, healthy eating, fitness, emotional and physical well-being and relationships.

Fremantle Christian College also offers a wide range of Physical Education based electives which makes use of the excellent location of the College. Students learn skills such as surfing and snorkelling at the local beaches.

At Fremantle Christian College we aim to develop students’ science inquiry skills, their understanding of science as a human endeavour, and their science understanding through the core topics of Biological, Chemical, Earth and Space, and Physical Sciences.

Subjects Studied in Years 11 - 12

Students will be required to study Christian Education and Physical Education but will have the opportunity to choose from a range of list A and B subjects in both the General and ATAR streams, as well as several VET courses. These subjects include several English, Mathematics, HASS, Science, Technology and Physical Education subjects. Each course has been chosen to help provide the students with access to their desired pathway post-secondary school.

ATAR Courses


English Literature and Geography

Modern History

Visual Art

Mathematics Applications


Human Biology

Mathematical Methods

Marine and Maritime Studies



General Courses



Visual Art

Building and Construction

Mathematics Essentials

Outdoor Education

VET Courses

Cert. III Business Studies

Cert. II Sport and Recreation

Cert. II Hospitality

Cert. II Community Services

10949NAT Certificate II in Applied Language (Mandarin) – Delivered in partnership with Ripponlea Institute (21230)

1107NAT Certificate III in Applied Language (Mandarin) – Delivered in partnership with Ripponlea Institute (21230)

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Our Mission


A confident expectation that God exists and is trustworthy. The evidence of faith in God is peace of mind, inner strength and persevering hope for the future.


The distinctive moral attributes of a person that determine their choices regardless of the circumstances. Christian character is the consistent manifestation of the character of Jesus Christ when no one is watching.


Courage is the commitment to do what is right and continue in that commitment in the face of opposition.

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