Sheridan Institute of
Higher Education

Fremantle Christian College’s Partnership with Sheridan

FCC is thrilled to let you know that graduating students of FCC are eligible to undertake studies at Sheridan Institute of Higher Education on a scholarship basis. This exceptional collaboration means that students can apply for any undergraduate or postgraduate program offered by Sheridan without accumulating student debt.

Details about the Scholarship

Each year, Sheridan reserves a number of scholarships for graduates of Baptist Secondary Schools, including FCC. Eligible graduates can apply to study any undergraduate and postgraduate degree offered by Sheridan without incurring a student debt. If eligible, you will only be asked to cover the cost of textbooks and field trips.

Sheridan has been established as a direct result of support received from members of the Baptist education community. Sheridan wishes to recognise this support and acknowledge the trust that families have placed in the Baptist network of schools and colleges over many years. This offer is extended to Year 12 graduates of any Baptist secondary school, past or present, in Western Australia.

About Sheridan Institute of Higher Education

Sheridan Institute of Higher Education is a Baptist higher education provider located in the city of Perth welcoming students of all backgrounds, faiths, and cultures. Sheridan, an initiative of Australian Baptist Education Inc (ABE), is nationally recognised for recruiting quality academic staff and for designing quality academic programs that delivery quality higher education outcomes for students.

Students have found Sheridan to be a place to belong, where faculty keep their pledge to encourage, to be honest and to be kind, and where students have in turn offered these gifts to one another. At Sheridan we work together to create a rich learning community where everyone is challenged to think deeply, to share and critique ideas, and to make a positive difference in this world.

In the last two years Sheridan has ranked in the top five private institutes of higher education in Australia for overall quality of student experience (

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How to best contact Sheridan

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Students may contact the registrar, Glen Davies –, for more information.

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Our Mission


A confident expectation that God exists and is trustworthy. The evidence of faith in God is peace of mind, inner strength and persevering hope for the future.


The distinctive moral attributes of a person that determine their choices regardless of the circumstances. Christian character is the consistent manifestation of the character of Jesus Christ when no one is watching.


Courage is the commitment to do what is right and continue in that commitment in the face of opposition.

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